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July 22, 2005                   

Well... regardless of your political leaning or beliefs your going to love today's site. It's Friday night, and who wouldn't enjoy little bit of disco dancing? Particularly if it's George Bush...

Check it out at

July 21, 2005                   

Today we're going to check out an awesome site called the ASCII Generator. Now, have you ever seen pictures that have been made up of nothing but periods, slashes and letters. Close up they look like nothing, but when you look at them as a whole, it makes an awesome picture with shadows or in 3D. What this site lets you do is type in any text like your name...

Check it out at:

July 20, 2005                   

Today I'm really going to mess with your mind because the featured site for this Wednesday is an extensive list of optical illusion, and mind tricks. At this site, you'll find 35 different illusion that will really twist your mind. Many of them are quite famous, you know, the... Check it out at:

July 19, 2005                   

Today we're going to check out the Telemarketer Counter Script. To the marketing world, the telephone has been a literal portal into your home, invading your privacy and destroying your dinner time. Well, a dude in Amsterdam has created something that turns the table on these evil creatures; the Telemarketers Counter Script...

Check it out at:

July 15, 2005                   

Today we're going to have a look at the Say-It-Sites. This is a series of sites that allows you to put words into the mouth of George Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or some guy named John Kerry. You can choose from a variety of pictures and poses, you then choose a bubble caption...

You can let your creativity run wild at

July 14, 2005                   

Today we're going to check out the Found Footage Festival. It features a hilarious preview of the festival which is made up of video footage found on tapes rescued from thrift stores, garage sales and dumpsters throughout the country. It includes clips from found tapes like the one from a small regional shopping channel...

The site can be found at

July 13, 2005                   

Well, I hope you're feeling pretty confident, self assured and strong, because the site I'm going to feature today is called: Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age. Simply go to this site, enter your name, press a button, and feel very, very sad....

You can find this site, if you dare, at

July 12, 2005                   

Unfortunately I don't know anything about today's site, except it's very clever, and high on the 'cute quotient'. I'm going to call it the Singing Horses. This flash site presents you with four wide eyes horses eager to please. Click on one of them, and it starts to beat-box. Click on another, and it sings a bit of bass...

The site can be found at:

July 11, 2005                   

Well, it's Monday... the work week has started so now is a perfect time to think about death. The Longevity Game predicts your average life-span based on various factors. You simply input information about yourself and your lifestyle such as...

The Longevity Game can be found at:

July 8, 2005                   

TGIF, and since it's the weekend many of you (I suspect!) may indulge in a little bit of fermented joy - so I thought I'd leave you with bit of a warning. The featured site today is in fact a spoof of the alcohol warnings on booze bottles. It's a very, very funny flash movie that demonstrates the dangers of drinking. It can be found at:

July 7, 2005                   

Today we're going to get our frustrations out the only safe way I know... bubble wrap! If you love piercing those little bubbles, then you'll love this bubblewrap site. Each play you're given a fresh sheet of bubble warp and with a click of your mouse you can go on a rampage. There's even a manic mode for those really hard days. You've got to check this one out at

July 6, 2005                   

Today we're going to look at another classic site: The If you haven't already heard about this site, you should check out what become a cult phenomenon. Originally produced as an alternative ad for Burger King's Tendercrips it turned the advertising world upside down. At this site you'll see a webcam feed of a guy in a chicken outfit. Type anything, and I mean anything, into the text field below, and the subservient chicken will do just what you tell it to. An amazing feat of programing, if not a slightly creepy time burner.

July 5, 2005                   

Today we check out Trevor Van Meter's Fly Guy. This classic flash site lets you, using your arrow keys, control a suited every-man who takes flight, soaring peacefully though the air, discovering birds, aliens, and such. This gem was listed as one of Time Magazines 50 Coolest Sites for 2004 and is defiantly worth looking at. Great for anyone who needs a beak and wants to escape into the clouds. It's at

July 4, 2005                   

Today we look the aptly named It's is a funny short Japanese video that that will change the way you you do your laundry. With a simply pinch of a corner of a freshly laid out shirt, a twist of your arm, and viola; a perfectly folded tee shirt in seconds! It really works, and after watching you'll finally tackle that pile of unfolded laundry with zeal. The background dialog in japanese only adds to the wacky quotient of this brilliant site.

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